Opal Infotech Website Design For Engineering Company

Website Design for Engineering Company

Having informative website for engineering Company is very much appreciable  from  the prospective customers & existing buyers. Engineering industries web design is different from other industries. Here are few points to be considered under web design for engineering company website:-

Home Page Design

Design a Home Page for engineering company is not that much difficult like entertainment website. The home page web design should include product photographs either static or in flash if there are multi products in the website. It is recommended to have clear photographs as many products are being known with different names in various countries. There should be brief introduction of company along with line of business. The home page should be well designed to show navigation links. All the above actions will not only help visitor to surf website but also help in SEO for that website

Product Web Page Design


The most important web page for the engineering website is its product page. Visitor will first visit product page of his interest. The visitor will confirm that whether he will get required engineering product for machines, equipment, parts etc. or may confirm that whether you can design custom made products or not. If company is manufacturing multiple products in that case it is recommended to have one common page for listing all products and from that page visitor can go to the product page. All engineering products must have included technical specifications on the page. If our custom based product design are being offered in that case it should indicate the same clearly. In case if product brochure is available then the same should be place on page in PDF to download which will save time and money.

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