How to See Saved Reels on Instagram For Iphone And Android? Easy Tricks!!

Instagram is most eminent social media platform. Here, we always want to try looking for likes, comments, views, and other variant of engagement. Here, we will educate about how to see your liked and saved reels on Instagram.

Instagram has released a new feature as known the "Reel" that function same as TikTok. On IG, you are able to scroll through an endless feed of Reels to search more content which same to what you liked or saved.

Let' Get Started!!

How to See Your Liked/Saved Instagram Reels on iOS

On the iOS platform, to see reels you've saved/Liked on Instagram are mostly same; below mention all:

How to See Liked Reels on Instagram for iPhone?

Mostly same way as above; below mention all:

  • Open "profile tab" > Tap "menu icon" > Select "Setting" in the pop up window.
  • To-Find-Your-Liked-Reels-on-Instagram-on-i-OS
  • Click on "Account" > tap on "Posts You've Liked"
  • Now you will get all your liked post along with liked Instagram reels. Here, you have no any option to make folder them separately.

How to See Saved Reels on Instagram for iPhone?

  • Open your profile tab that is placed at the bottom right corner of your device's screen, and then you have to select the menu icon.
  • Further, you will receive the pop up window, and then click on the option.
  • Now, you will see all saved them along with all photos and other posts under folder.
  • To make a new folder to choose and store all reels easier, and then hit on <+> icon to start the process. You can also set the name of folder as your convince.

How to Find Your Liked/Saved Instagram Reels on Android

Instagram is so simple while using it on your Android smart phone, and it is also easy to find reels you've liked/saved on Instagram on your Android device; below shown all steps one by one:

How to Find Liked Reels on Instagram for Android?

  • Open your profile tap then click on
  • Select option
  • Hit on , and then click on option.
  • Now, you will find all your liked reels as well as other your liked posts, images, and videos. Here, Instagram doesn't allow to make folder to save your likes separately.

How to Find Saved Reels on Instagram for Android?

  • Tap on icon, and then hit the that is showing at the top right corner.
  • Now, appear few options under the pop up window
  • Then select option
  • Now, you will receive all your saved Instagram reels, and then tap on <+> icon. You can also to make a fresh folder to store all your Saved reels.

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